ParticipantsTU*Type of courseDuration of coursePricePrice/ TU*
four to eight24Once a week12 weeks,
2 TU*/ week
216 €9 €
four to eight24Once a week8 weeks,
3 TU*/ week
216 €9 €
four to eight24Twice a week6 weeks,
4 TU*/ week
216 €9 €
four to eight36Once a week18 weeks,
2 TU*/ week
324 €9 €
four to eight20Intensive1 week, everyday,
4 TU* / day
180 €9 €
four to eight24Semi-intensive3 weeks, twice a week,
4 TU*/ day
216 €9 €
five to ten4One afternoon a weekOne afternoon,
4 TU*
32 €8 €
three1BespokeBespokeBespoke12 €
two1BespokeBespokeBespoke17 €
one1BespokeBespokeBespoke36 €

General terms and conditions:

*TU = Teaching Unit = 45 Minutes.

Group courses: 

A deposit of 50 euros will have to be made upon registration. In the event of a cancellation within 14 days, the Studio-Fr school will reimbourse the payment. However, there will be an administration fee of 20 €.

The rest of the tuition fee is due at the latest on the first day of the course.

It is  at anytime possible for a customer to join an already existing class. The price will in this case be calculated from the day on which the customer has begun.

The obligation to pay the tuition fee is independant of the classes attendance, for example in case of an early withdrawal of the participant. For this reason missed classes will not be refunded. If a course was to be cancelled by the customer, the Studio-Fr school would not refund any participation fee. Unpaid fees are to be alligned. In case of failure on the part of the Studio-Fr school, your deposit or your purchase will be refunded immediately.

Individual courses: discount when buying a certain number of TU*:

10 TU*
* =  350 € (35 €/TU**)                                       20 TU** =  680 € (34 €/TU**)                  

30 TU** =  990 € (33 €/TU**)                                       50 TU* = 1.600 € (32 €/UE)

The purchase is to be carried out after two lessons, mostly after 4 Teaching-Units* . Appointements are to be followed. In case of absence, the appointement has to be cancelled 24 hours beforehead. In case of late cancellation, the lessons are considered held and are charged in full amount.

Specialized French, French for specific objectives and                                                                                   French courses at company’s premises :                                                                                                                            the lesson costs 40 €, in individual or group lessons, no discount when buying a certain number of TU*.

Ateliers, workshops: The price will be determined in each case depending on the duration of the workshop, on the basis of 9 € / TU*. The respective amount must be paid in full 2 days prior to the start.
In case of failure on the part of the Studio-Fr school, your deposit or your purchase will be refunded immediately.

The terms and conditions are necessary contractual rules to protect viable working conditions. In individual cases, however, we will like to search by means of a consultation for solutions or opportunities to catch up.

All prices stated on this page are valid for one person and include all taxes. (incl. VAT)